Welcome to The Math of God Blog

Welcome to my new Blog, The Math of God. My name is Lyle Carlson, full-time Program Manager and part-time writer and philosopher. My blog will chronicle some of the discoveries I made while writing my first non-fiction book The Math of God.

Let me give a quick background on the book. I’ve always believed in God even though a lot of questions remain unanswered. Then three years ago, while attending a work leadership conference, I experienced an awakening that left me sleepless, my head filled with elegantly simplistic equations that revealed the nature of truth, God, and His design for our return. I returned home from that conference and tried to explain my epiphany to my wife. After I had rambled for about ten minutes, she stopped me.

“I’m not getting this,” she said. “Talk to Alec. If anyone can understand, it’s him.”

Of course, my brilliant, autistic son Alec. To my dismay, as I began to explain the concept to him his eyes glazed. But just when I thought I had lost him, his eyes shot open.

“Dad, do you know what you just did?”

“No, what?” I replied.

“You just mathematically proved the existence of God.”

Now for those who may be fuming at the last statement, relax. Or for those who were encouraged by the same statement, what I provided was a hook but not one that I can actually deliver upon with this blog. Why? According to an über intelligent physicist I know, one cannot prove the existence of God, rather we can compile information to demonstrate that the concept of His existence is reasonable.

What I can promise you though is that if you follow this blog, you may find yourself challenging your beliefs, whether you are atheist, agnostic, skeptic, spiritual seeker, or even deeply religious. In my next post, I will provide the foundation behind my epiphany.

Thanks for stopping by and I welcome your comments. I would ask, however, that no matter what you believe or don’t believe, that you treat other responders with respect.

Lyle Carlson

3 Responses to “Welcome to The Math of God Blog”

  1. tylerjourneaux Says:

    I would like to say that I think we can in principle prove the existence of God. Indeed, it is an article of Catholic faith that God’s existence can actually be proven, though I note that there is a difference between proof and demonstration – even if an argument is sound that doesn’t mean it will be recognized to be persuasive, even if its premises are self-evident.

  2. thelightwayblog Says:

    Bring it on! I love this topic.And thank you.

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